new residential roofing in RoanokeWhether you are looking at new commercial or residential roofing in Roanoke or just need to repair your existing roof, you want to ensure that your roof will function, as intended, for as long as possible. Of course, you want your roof to look great, but having it protect your home or business is even more important. Consider these three things that may affect its performance before agreeing to any work by roofing contractor .  


The design of your roofing system is an important first step for both residential and commercial roofing. Roanoke, after all, sees heavy rain, snow, ice, wind, and hailstorms. If your roof isn’t designed to withstand all the different types of weather we get, it won’t last as it should. Most residential roofing in Roanoke is steep slope with asphalt shingles. Because of the weather in our area, common roof pitch is around 6:12 with some historical neighborhoods having roofs as steep as 12:12 pitch. The steeper the slope the faster rain runs off. It’s rare to change the pitch of your roof during a roof replacement but it’s something to know about and understand as the steeper the roof, the more expensive it is to repair and replace.

Commercial roofing is more often flat so shingles are not used. Different commercial roofing materials provide different benefits from increased energy efficiency to better strength and durability for when there will be regular foot traffic on the roof. Working with a roofing contractor who understands the right materials for different applications is important.

Materials and Installation

Although asphalt is the most common material for residential roofing in Roanoke, there are many brands. Each manufacturer offers slightly different colors and features in their shingle. Some common features in leading brands include wind resistance, UL certification from fire, algae streak fighting technology, and impact resistance.

Once you’ve selected the brand and style for your home, you’ll want to make sure your roofing contractor will use the best installation methods. Each product line has different requirements so be sure to select an IKO ShieldPRO plus™ contractor if you want IKO shingles and a Select ShingleMaster™ if you’re using CertainTeed Shingles, and a GAF Certified roofer for their shingles. These designations let you know that you’re hiring a roofer trained by the manufacturer to install their product the right way.

Maintenance and Warranty

There are two types of warranties, one from the shingle manufacturer, and one from the installer. When you choose a residential roofing company in Roanoke to replace your roof, you should receive both. By choosing a company with manufacturer certification you will be eligible for their manufacturer warranty. Ask your roofer about their workmanship warranty. Locally owned and operated roofing companies are best prepared to stand behind their workmanship warranty. Don’t be tricked by a low price or special offer into hiring a roofer chasing a storm or nationally based with no ties to the area, they may not be around into honor their workmanship warranty.

If you’re looking for a company to repair your Roanoke commercial roofing or to repair or replace your residential roofing, Abracadabra Restoration Specialists is here for you. We’re an IKO ShieldPRO plus contractor, IKO Select SingleMaster, and GAF Certified. We have licensing, insurance, and stand behind our work with both the manufacturer warranties and ours. Call 540-977-0045 today to schedule your free inspection.