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One of the reasons we partnered with IKO is because of their advanced technology shingles. Their wide variety of styles and colors are also a top reason we include their line in our roof replacement options. As a trained IKO roofing company, we know the right way to install their shingles and can guide you to the best option for your budget and home’s style.


Cambridge™ and Dynasty® Architectural Shingles

The majority of IKO roofing shingles we install are from the Cambridge and Dynasty lines. Both are architectural shingles and come in a variety of  colors and styles. The Cambridge line comes in their standard and IR asphalt roofing shingles.

  • Cambridge – this line is for the homeowner wanting a great looking dimensional roof in a mid-range price. The varied blends give this line the appearance of wood shake. If you’re part of an HOA and have a color pallet that needs to be adhered to, chances are good there is an option in this line. Homeowners benefit from the limited lifetime warranty included with these shingles.
  • Cambridge IR – although the IR shingles come in only six color options, this line offers two outstanding benefits. The first is the wind rating. When installed using the AmourZone® for the wind protection, these shingles can withstand winds up to 130mph, speeds rarely seen in southwest Virginia. This line also has algae protection that helps prevent those unsightly stains and streaking from growing on the roof’s surface. Lastly the Class 4 Impact Resistance Rating make these among the most durable of shingles. Ask your insurance company about any discounts you may qualify for when you choose the Cambridge IR shingle.
  • Dynasty – this line is a premium single available in eight different colors. This line also comes with the ArmourZone protection from wind and impact. The shingles are larger than standard shingles creating for a more dramatic look for your roof. Learn more from IKO:


Premium Designer Shingles from IKO

The Premium Designer line from IKO mimics the look of cedar shake and slate roofing without the expense or maintenance. All the shingles in this line come with the limited lifetime warranty .

  • Armourshake™ – Created to mimic the look of hand-cut wood shake roofing with the Class A fire resistance that asphalt shingles provide. These shingles come in five different color blends all of which have algae-resistant granules to prevent algae growth. This is the highest of IKO’s premium line.
  • Crown Slate™- If you desire the look of slate without the cost, these are the shingles for your home. The two color blends available give your home the old world look with superior Class 4 impact resistance. Your home will not only be protected from the elements, but you may also qualify for a discount from your homeowners insurance. These have an extra coating of SBS modified asphalt which stands up even better to cold.
  • Royal Estate™ – Offers many of the same benefits as the Crown Slate line in that they mimic the look of slate at a fraction of the cost. They differ in their color blend options from the Crown Slate line and don’t come with the extra coating of SBS. There are four different color blends to coordinate with your home’s stone or brick.

IKO created this video to help you understand how to best choose the right shingle for your home.


If you’re trying to decide the best style shingle for your home and budget, let the team at Abracadabra Roofing, a division of Abracadabra Restoration Specialists, help. We’ve installed all styles and colors from IKO and know which one will look best on your home. Call us today for your free estimate at 540-977-0045.

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