flooded basementIt’s been raining here in Roanoke for a couple of days and according the weather forecast, it’s going to rain for several more. With all that rain many homeowners are experiencing some water damage in Roanoke.

Tips to Keep Your Home Dry

If your house is still dry but you’re watching water rising around you, there are some steps you can take to help keep the water out. Often when heavy rain approaches your local municipality will offer sandbags to help prevent water from entering your home. They really do work so take advantage if you can and place them near doors and windows that are at or below ground level. If you’re not able to get sandbags from your city but are able to go to a local home improvement store, pick up a roll or sheet of fish pond liner and several bags of sandbox or concrete sand. By placing the liner on the outside of your door or window and then adding the bagged sand you will create a wall that will help keep the water out.

Another step you can take is to make sure any window is well caulked. If you have a window that isn’t sealing properly one temporary solution is duct tape, which can help keep water out. It’s best to tape both the inside and outside of the window if you’re having an issue, however, if the window is already wet this may not be effective.

Limit Water Damage

Once water begins to enter your home, your best course of action is to try to limit the damage. You can do this by shutting off any breakers to that area of your home, unplugging electrical items that may come in contact with water and moving extension cords off the floor. This will help with electrical issues. Secondly, move any items that you can higher in the home. That may mean carrying them up a flight of stairs or if that’s not possible, raise the item on concrete blocks. If you have flood insurance, take a video of the space before there is damage so you can show that to an insurance adjuster.

If your home already has standing water, it’s best to keep people and pets out of the area, even if it’s only just a little water. Often water that floods people’s homes contains sewage and other harmful bacteria that should be avoided. If you are asked to evacuate, do so. It’s best to stay safe. Once you are able to return to your home you can work on getting things back to normal.

If you are a victim of Mother Nature, be sure to contact your local water damage restoration specialist in Roanoke like Abracadabra Restoration Specialists. They can help not only get your home dried out but also get your home restored by replacing drywall, carpet and repainting. One of our team members will schedule and appointment to come out and provide you with an estimate to dry you out and repair the damage so call today – 540-977-0045.