nail gun shingle installation

There is much debate among Roanoke roofing companies as to which is the best method of installation for a roof replacement, hand nailing or nail guns. Both are approved by manufacturers and the state as proper installation techniques. We prefer to use nail guns for three main reasons.

Less Room for Error

Shingle installation is a precise skill. No matter what brand of shingle you choose for your roof replacement, there is a specific zone on the shingle where it should be nailed. Both installation techniques do a good job of hitting that zone. However, a nail needs to be driven into the shingle at the same angle as the roof. It also needs to be driven into the shingle with just the right amount of force.

Another issue is too much force. Too much force and the nail head blows through the shingle. A strong wind can tear improperly affixed shingles off the roof. Too little force and water can get underneath your shingle leading to a roof leak. Roofing companies who use pneumatic nail guns properly set the air pressure properly for the temperature and roof deck material. This ensures every nail is driven in with the proper pressure and your new shingles stay attached in virtually any weather condition.

Lower Labor Costs Mean Less Expense for You

When a trained and experienced roofer uses a nail gun, the roof is installed more quickly than with a hammer. What may take a few days with hand nailing can be accomplished in a day or less when nail guns are used. That means the roofing company can complete your installation in a shorter amount of time and you save money.

Nail Guns Don’t Get Tired

This is perhaps the biggest reason to use a Roanoke roofing company who uses pneumatic nail guns. If it’s hot and the end of a day and a person hand nailing wants to go home, they may not do a complete job. Each shingle needs a certain number of nails per the manufacturer’s instructions. Too few and they won’t hold as they should. Also, as we mentioned, nails not driven all the way in don’t hold properly. Nail guns just don’t get tired. They always drive the nail with the right force to affix it properly to the roof deck. Too few nails or nails not driven all the way in can both potentially void your warranty.

Roanoke roofing companies may not agree as to the best method for installation or the best shingle brand, but most will agree that hiring a local licensed roofer is the best option. For more information about the roofing services from Abracadabra Restoration Specialists, call us at 540-977-0045 or fill out our easy to use contact form.