tear off for Roanoke Roof ReplacementAt some point in the life of your roof you will need a roof replacement. There are two accepted methods of installing a new roof, assuming this is your first roof replacement. You can have what is referred to as an overlay or a tear off. An overlay means that the new shingles are laid on top of the existing ones. During a tear off, the existing roof is removed down to the roof deck and replaced. Abracadabra Restoration Specialists recommends the tear off method for several reasons.

A Clean Start

When you elect a complete tear off, your roofing company gets a better look at the roof deck and can make any repairs. Roof repair performed during a tear off roof replacement is less expensive and more comprehensive that that done after the fact. New underlayment, especially synthetic like that used by Abracadabra Restoration Specialists, protects your roof from moisture better than older felt paper.

When it comes to the shingle installation itself, shingles installed on top of new underlayment lay flat and have a better surface to which they can attach. More isn’t better when it comes to roofing. Having your old shingles beneath your new ones can cause your new ones to deteriorate and fail faster. Perhaps the biggest reason to have a tear off roof replacement is because some manufacturers don’t honor their warranty if your new roof is installed over your old one. Ask before you sign your contract.

Then Why Would Anyone do an Overlay?

State law and accepted roofing practice allows for up to two layers of shingles on your roof. Choosing an overlay is cheaper for a few reasons. First, there are fewer materials used in that there is no new underlayment required. Second, the roofing company spends less time as they don’t have to tear off the old roof and finally, they don’t have to pay to dispose of the old shingles. Keep in mind that savings often goes away if you require another roof replacement.

When you’re ready for a Roanoke roof replacement, ask the roofing company you’re considering if the price they quote is for an overlay or tear off. If you insists on an overlay, make sure your home’s roofing structure can support the additional weight of that second layer of shingles. Abracadabra Restoration Specialists prefers to do a complete tear off and our quotes include the removal and disposal of your old roof, installation of new synthetic underlayment, and roofing system installation. Call for your free estimate today – 540-977-0045