This is a question we’ve been asked may times and it doesn’t really have an answer, which is frustrating for many homeowners. Choosing a shingle for your home is tough. Chances are good that you will only call a roofing company to replace your roof once as long as you own your home. Because it’s not a process many homeowner deal with regularly, we’ve decided to dedicate one blog a month to the different manufacturers we work with and why they might be the right choice for your home. First we’re going to start with IKO.

IKO ShinglesIKO Shingle Options

Like every shingle manufacturer, IKO offers a variety of shingle “levels” that have different warranties and different costs. They classify their shingles as Traditional 3-Tab, Architectural, and Premium Designer.

  • IKO Traditional 3-Tab Shingles – The Marathon 25 AR has a 25 year limited warranty (with 5 years Iron Clad protection), an algae resistant granule and is Class A fire resistant. No matter which brand of roofing shingles you choose, 3-Tab are always among the most budget friendly.
  • Architectural – IKO’s architectural shingles are their Dynasty and Cambridge Line. The Cambridge line is the most popular shingle offered and comes in standard, impact resistant, and a cool roofing series that can help reduce your cooling costs. Many homeowners love the Cambridge series for its three dimensional look, affordable cost, and extreme durability when compared to their 3-Tab shingles.
  • Premium Designer – This line of shingles are meant to mimic the look of slate roofing and cedar shake roofing. The three lines within the Premium Designer series are the Amourshake, Crown Slate, and Royal Estate, each with their own look and benefits. These are among the more expensive shingles on the market but they can complete the look of a home like few shingles available.

IKO has been a roofing company for over 60 years which is why they have some of the most advanced technologies in their roofing products. Things like protection from algae and UV rays. If you’re considering IKO roofing shingles for your home, use their Roof Viewer to picture your home with their shingles. Click here and use the desktop version or download to your mobile device.

When you’re ready to call a roofing company to get a quote, Abracadabra Roofing, a division of Abracadabra Restoration Specialists, can help. Give us a call and we’ll provide you with a quote for the product you are interested in and any other roof related services you need.