Considering Solar Electricity? Call Abracadabra’s New Solar Division

Solar Roof InstallationAbracadabra Restoration Specialists is now offering solar power systems. Whether you’re a home owner or business owner, solar electricity can save you money every month. With tax credits of 30% extended through 2019, now is the best time to request an estimate for your solar photovoltaics system.

On average, the Roanoke area has just over 200 days that are classified as “sunny” days. Other days we still see the sun but less than 30% of the time. No matter how little the sun shines in a given day, your home or business can be generating electricity, and saving you money.

What is the Process?

For both residential and commercial applications, the process is the same. If you’re interested in having a solar power system installed, we will evaluate your property and make recommendations.

Ideally having a roof that faces south is your best option. As the sun travels across the sky, this provides for the best power generation. It’s also advisable to have a roof surface that is less than 8 years old. Once the solar system is installed, you won’t want to remove it to replace your roof. If you are in need of a roof replacement prior to the solar system installation, we can help with that too.

During our evaluation, we’ll look at which roof of your building has the best southern exposure, the slope and condition of the roof, and the size of the space available for solar panels. If you have a recent power bill, we can help determine the right size system for you as well.  We’ll ask questions about how you’d like to use the system and if you’re interested in having green outlets installed in your home which can draw directly from the solar system giving you an electric source during power outages when the sun is shining.

Residential Solar Systems

The benefits of residential solar systems are the cost savings and ability to have power during an outage (depending upon the options you choose, power may only be available during daylight hours). With rates rising about 4% per year for the past 10 years, it’s clear why homeowners are looking for alternatives to the power company. Most homeowners can generate at least 50% of their power needs with a solar system. Taking into consideration the current Federal tax credits, the average homeowner’s residential solar system is paid for in just over eight years.

Commercial Solar Systems

Did you know that you can save money not only on your electric monthly but also on your taxes? Roanoke is one of the cities that honors the Energy Efficient Buildings Tax Exemption. Commercial solar applications can be installed on your building, in open areas on your property in a solar farm configuration or if you are considering covered parking for your employees, solar parking areas are becoming increasingly popular.

Next Steps

Give us a call and we’ll come out and provide you with a no obligation estimate of your solar photovoltaics system. If you rather fill out our contact form and have us give you a call, please note in the comments if you’re a business or homeowner so we can have the right person contact you. 540-977-0045

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