wind damage roof leakThere are some times when you know you need roof repair, like when a heavy tree branch falls on your roof or your home sustains storm damage. Other times, it’s more difficult to know that your roof has a leak or may soon begin to leak. By knowing these signs, you can prevent a major home restoration as the result of a neglected roof leak. You can visually inspect your roof and see signs of damage that will eventually allow water into your home. Here are some top things to look for:

  • Buckling shingles – if your shingles are no longer laying flat, chances are good there is an issue with either the roof deck or the installation of the roof. You should call a roofing contractor for an inspection immediately.
  • Curling shingles – when shingles start to curl up on the edges, it’s likely too late for roof repair and often a sign that you need a roof replacement. Your roofer should look see if you have proper ventilation.Poor attic ventilation and insulation in your roof are two of the most common reasons for curling shingles.
  • Missing shingles – as shown in the image on this page, often the result of poor initial installation or wind damage. Missing shingles are one of the easiest signs to spot and can cause the most water damage to your home.
  • Roof staining or streaking – this staining and streaking you see isn’t dirt, it’s actually algae. The algae will lead to your shingles breaking down faster and is often a sign of poor attic ventilation. You can kill the algae with a simple mixture of half bleach and half water in a sprayer like those used to kill weeds in your yard. Just remember to rinse the vegetation below before and after you use the bleach on your roof or it too will die.
  • Granules in downspouts and gutters – as your shingles break down when they age, you will find that there are more and more granules in the gutters. This is a sign that it may be too late for a roof repair and that you likely need a roof replacement.

Roof Repair or Roof Replacement

If you notice any of these signs, contact a Roanoke roofing contractor like Abracadabra Restoration Specialists for a roof inspection. A licensed roofer can best determine if a roof repair or roof replacement is right for your home. Annual inspections will help your roof last its expected life and regular maintenance costs less than a roof replacement or major home renovation due to a large roof leak. If you haven’t had your roof inspected in the past year, call us today for your no obligation roofing inspection – 540-977-0045.