The key to keeping your roof in the best condition and ensuring it lasts as long as it should is regular maintenance. That means getting your roof repair completed as soon as you notice a problem and having a local roofing contractor perform roof inspections annually. Too many people tend to neglect their roof in between roof replacements. What happens when you neglect your roof for too long? A minor roof repair becomes a major home restoration.

water damageWater Damage

Water damage occurs in your home when a part of your roofing system fails. Once you notice water damage in your home it’s likely your roof has been leaking for a long time. When a brown spot appears on your ceiling or walls, you or your roofing contractor have to determine the source of the leak. Water follows the path of least resistance so it is possible that a roof leak originates far from the damage you see. When you have water damage to your ceiling or walls, it’s likely your roof repair is going to be much more than what a typical roofing contractor does. That’s when you need the services of a restoration company like Abracadabra Restoration Specialists who can perform the roof repair and the restoration of your ceilings and walls.

skylight repairDeteriorating Flashing

Flashing is one of the most important elements in your roofing system. As this image shows, no flashing was installed around the skylight, instead a metal duct tape that is only intended for use inside was used. This homeowner required a good amount of roof repair as well as home restoration. Flashing should also be installed around your chimney and any other vent or roof protrusion. Even when flashing is properly installed it can deteriorate over time so be sure to have your roofing contractor look at your flashing during your annual roof inspection.

water damageRuined Soffits and Fascia

The soffits and fascia are integral parts of your roofing system. A roof leak due to failing shingles or flashing can ruin your soffits or fascia. In this image, the homeowner waited too long to repair a small roof leak and ended up with a bigger issue. As you can see, not only is there water damage to the soffit but also to the support beam. The fascia board also had to be replaced.

Waiting to make a roof repair can lead to bigger issues costing you more in the long run than regular roofing maintenance would have. Annual roofing inspection can help prevent small issues from becoming big home restoration jobs. Abracadabra Restoration Specialists is your local roofing contractor and restoration company. Let us inspect your roof, perform roof repairs, and help prevent the need for our restoration services. Call today for your no obligation inspection – 540-977-0045.