roanoke roofing company IKO roof replacementJust because a business calls itself a Roanoke roofing company doesn’t mean it is one. Many national roofing companies come to Roanoke and set up shop from year to year. When a big storm comes through companies from Richmond, Lynchburg, and even Northern Virginia may arrive and establish a temporary office. It’s in your best interest to hire a Roanoke roofing company who has ties to the area rather than someone who may come and go. How do you determine if the roofer you’re thinking about hiring really is a Roanoke roofing company? Here are a few suggestions:

  • References – When a business can give you multiple local references over the past few years, it’s more likely that they are a local roofer. The other benefit of having local references is that you can drive by the homes and see what the actual roofing color and style looks like on a real home rather than a picture in a brochure or online.
  • Check the BBB – A business can be a member of the BBB in any area they do work, however, in order to be accredited, they have to have been in business for 12 months.
  • Proper Licensing – An out of state storm chaser may not have the proper licensing. Check with your municipality to confirm their license. If a permit is required for your work, a non-licensed roofer may not be able to pull the permits and leave you liable for any fines.
  • Insurance – You want a Roanoke roofing company who has liability and workman’s compensation insurance. Make sure their policy is valid in your state. These two types of insurance protect you, the homeowner, from claims should someone be injured while working on your home.

Buyer Beware

The hazards of hiring an out of area roofing company are numerous. When a national roofing company establishes an office, they expect it to be profitable. If they determine there isn’t enough business and leave, where do you go for any repairs that should be covered under their guarantee? You likely won’t have coverage. The same applies for out of the area roofers who set up temporary offices. You may end up waiting weeks or months for the roofing company to come back to the area to help with warranty issues.

Abracadabra Restoration Specialists has been serving as a Roanoke roofing company for decades. You don’t need to worry about our leaving the area. We have the proper licensing and insurance and a great reputation with the BBB. No matter the extent of your roof repair or home restoration needs, we can help. Call 540-977-0045 for your no obligation estimate today.