financing roofingIf you’re looking for a no interest or low interest option for financing your roofing, our new partnership with GreenSky® can help. GreenSky offers many different plans to meet your budget goals while allowing you to purchase your new roofing today.  In fact, GreenSky’s program covers many home improvement projects including solar panel installation.

Why Abracadabra Restoration Specialists Chose GreenSky Financing

There are many financing companies for roofing but not all offer the benefits that GreenSky does. We wanted to bring a roof financing tool that was right for our customers. That meant we wanted to offer good rates with limits that cover most major home improvements. Although we know that few homeowners will need the entire $55,000, it is available. If you’re considering new roofing with a solar installation, you may want their maximum limit.

We also appreciate the fact that the whole process is paperless. That way you’re not filling out forms with sensitive personal information that needs to be mailed or faxed. You fill out the application on their mobile app or online and submit. We never see your personal information and approval is quick.

Perhaps the best benefit they offer is that you, the consumer, choose the best program for you. Of course, like any financing, their programs are subject to credit approval. Some of the options include low interest, no interest, or deferred interest for a certain number of months. You may be required to make a payment during the deferred interest period.

Which of Our Services Qualify?

Most of the residential services we offer qualify for financing from GreenSky. Often times water damage restoration is covered by homeowner’s insurance but if yours isn’t, the remodeling services we offer qualify. Of course, new roofing and solar panel systems qualify as well. Not sure if GreenSky Financing can be used for the work you need? Let us can answer your questions. If you’d prefer to speak with GreenSky directly, their customer service number is 866-936-0602.

If you’re ready to get started on your roof replacement, call Abracadabra Roofing, a division of Abracadabra Restoration Specialists, and we’ll provide you with a no obligation quote. We can be reached at 540-977-0045. When you’re ready to apply for your loan, you can download their app at or apply online at