Roanoke Deck BuilderWith the mild weather we’ve experienced this winter, it’s not hard to believe that spring is just a few days away. With spring comes the desire to spend time outdoors and what better way than to enjoy a your own outside living space by adding a new deck to your home or enlarging the one you already have.

How to Know When it’s Time to Repair or Replace

If your deck is made of wood and you notice any of these signs, your deck has likely reached the end of it’s useful and safe life:

  • Loose railings
  • Sagging or spongy feel as you walk across it
  • Signs of termite damage or infestation
  • Visible wood rot
  • Nails that don’t hold the wood in place
  • Deck pulling away from the home
  • Sagging of the deck

Of course, there are times when a simple repair may be in order. Some examples include when just one section of the deck is damaged from an overflowing flower pot or the new puppy chewing on a railing that can easily be replaced.

Think safety first, will your family and friends be safe on your deck or is there a fall hazard imminent? If you are unsure, call a professional deck builder and ask for an estimate for replacing or repairing the deck.

Roanoke Deck Builders

custom deck builderMany local homeowners know Abracadabra Restoration Specialists as just that, a restoration company. We started replacing decks as part of restoration projects when trees fell and damaged the roof and deck. Now we’re happy to provide homeowners with a quote to build a new deck or replacing an aging one. The images in this blog are just one example of why we call ourselves Roanoke deck builders. We know the proper methods of building decks and can create one that looks great if you haven’t previously had a deck on your home.

Full Service Restoration Contractor

deck builder roanokeIf you are looking for a deck builder and restoration contractor due in conjunction with an insurance claim, we can help. We have former insurance adjusters on staff who can help you with your claim. We’ll make sure that no matter the scope of the damage that you are properly compensated for the repairs. Our full service nature will help you have only one contractor to work with from replacing the floors, walls, and ceilings to roof repair and replacement and of course your deck.

Let Abracadabra Restoration Specialists restore your home and deck or be your deck builders. With just one call, we’ll happily answer any questions and schedule a no obligation estimate for the repair on your home. Call 540-977-0045.