Find Commercial Roofing Services based in Troutville, VA and serving the Greater Roanoke, VA area.

Trust us to maintain your roof year-round

Abracadabra Restoration Specialists, LLC is a Class A commercial roofing contractor based in Troutville, VA and serving the Greater Roanoke area. We can work on sloped and flat roofs. Our team understands how important it is for you to have a sturdy roof protecting your assets and equipment. We'll patch up your roof quickly so you can complete your daily tasks safely.

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We can handle any type of roofing job

Depend on us for all your roofing needs. Our services based in Troutville, VA and serving the Greater Roanoke area include:

  • Commercial roof repair. We can repair roofing damage due to storms, age and trees. A roofer will fill out your damage claim and work with your insurance provider on your behalf.
  • Commercial roof replacement. We can work with any roofing material you want, including asphalt shingles and metal. Our roofers will examine your roof and replace any damaged areas.
  • Commercial roofing maintenance. This will reduce your need for roof repairs, save you money and extend the life of your roof. We'll inspect and repair your roof twice a year.

Get more work done under a sturdy roof. Contact us today to schedule commercial roof repair or replacement services.